PJ is something of a nomadic transplant. Born and raised on the island of Bermuda, he struck out for glory and fame first is the wilds of Blairstown, NJ, before spending four and a half glorious years at college in Carlisle, PA. While there, a childhood love of pro wrestling was fully given a chance to bloom through monthly trips to various independent wrestling shows.

But after suffering through New Jersey and Pennsylvania winters, this wily island man felt that it would only be logical to move to a place even colder, so he struck out for Chicago. Initially spending years training in improv with The Second City and ImprovOlympic schools, PJ finally decided to pursue the dream and donned the stripes of a referee and began to try and maintain order inside the chaotic professional wrestling ring. Now for the past five years he has travelled the midwest and ventured to the east coast working for various wrestling promotions including the supremely fun CHIKARA.

And now he has been tasked with a podcast, conversing with the various luminaries of the CHIKARA roster about their hopes, their fears, and their dreams, all the while trying not to stumble over his words.

When not busy with the hustle and bustle of professional wrestling, PJ spends much time at home in Chicago dealing with two cats who threaten to take over his house, and attempting to bake a really good loaf of bread. It's not as easy as it seems.