Leonard is co-host of the Weekly Longbox.


He has been a near life long comic book fan.  As many of us, he was introduced to the world of super heroes at a young age with cartoon such as Super Friends and Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends.

As he grew older, the lure of physical comics would grow as Leonard's allowance was used to buy comic books where and when he could, even dipping into his school lunch money.  All that would change at the age of 12 when Leonard was able to get his first job as a paper boy, with all proceeds of that job going towards comic books and fixing flat tires on his bike.

Since then, the last 20 plus years of Leonard's life has been devoted to absorbing any and all information about comic books and the characters that lived within those pages.

Leonard also spends the rest of his time between commentating wrestling matches for CHIKARA Pro and taking care of his wife and new born baby.  He also has a fear of technology but knows he must embrace this technology in the coming years.  Leonard also has a twin brother who looks nothing like him, thankfully for both of them.