On September 9th, 2008 the first edition of "The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe"  podcast was issued to an unsuspecting world where it was ravenously devoured by,  literally, tens of fans. Lifelong best friends Clayton Morris (of FOX  News) and Mike Quackenbush (of CHIKARA) teamed up to do what they had  always done - gotten together to catch up on what they were doing, watching,  listening to, and complaining in appropriate doses on those topics. While  these two old friends haven't lived in the same city at the same time for over a  decade, they keep in close contact about all things going on in the world, and  now they publish their weekly chats for your benefit.

Over the years, "The Grizz" (as the kids have taken to calling it,) has blossomed into one of the top-rated podcasts in the world, and commands a  listenership of exactly 2 million so-called "eggheads." They've been joined by  guests ranging from Stan Bush to Stan Lee, and their surprising success has led  them into new podcasting waters.

The summer of 2010 saw the launch of "Daddy on Board," a podcast aimed at  new or expectant fathers, which also attracted a large following in short order.  Clayton, along with his wife Natali, launched "The Trending Show," about the  week's most-discussed topics in Google and on Twitter, at the start of 2011.  Within a few months, Natali and her friends teamed up to issue another  parenting-centric show, as "MommyBeta" debuted on the Grizzly Productions  Network in the spring of 2011. August of 2011 saw the premiere of "The Sports  Report" with seasoned sportscaster Paul Roberts, as the network evinced even  greater diversity.

Providing podcast content of the highest quality, Grizzly Productions has rapidly developed into a powerhouse for new media creation and distribution.